domingo, 27 de noviembre de 2011

Chinita's Fair (:

Hello Everyone! :)
For the last project we did a publicity campaign about the Chinita's fair through Second Life, by placing a stand for the pop material exhibits and a poster promoting the fair! ... for the purpose that foreigners who are connected in Second Life know and have an idea of what it means for the people in Zulia state the celebration of  Chinita's fair and maybe one day they’ll get excited about our fair and come to experience it for themselves.
 Let's see what we have:

First we design our logo of Chinita's faire 46 th aniversary in base of the goajiro tapiz. This led us to the general concept of our campaign.
After that, we create the slogan " an unforgettable holiday" and it is very important because it gives more support it  to the campain.

Once we had the logo and the concept, we created the poster of the campaign.

And the last thing we did was the pop material, We design mugs, hats, notebooks, pins and T-shirts to support the chinita's fair campain.

So, let me show you our job in a shorten way through a mindmap:

Then, i wrote an information/report note about our stand and our group:

Let me show you our campaign in Second Life!

This is our stand and my avatar in SL,  as you can see, I uploaded our Poster, P.O.P material and  the logo of the campaign.

As a group we made a poster and I was commissioned to do the pop material (sheets, shirts, hats, mugs, and notebooks)

I found it interesting playing second life, as it is a way to meet new people who maybe have your same interests and as it is a means by which you can also promote your work as a graphic designer.
(Pd: If you are interested in this game/chat go to
So this it.. greetings! Clau (:

Experience in the UWA 3D open Art Challenge!

I think it's pretty amazing in terms of technology! to see how you can develop a completely virtual world and become part of the way so easy! ...
 I think the truth 3D design computer software has nothing to do with what I would like to someday reach  in work but I consider interesting because there are implemented in the layout drawings as to what it is that will be created .. as well as also help give you an idea of what can be designed if you want to work in that field of work.
  I think I can see applications related to graphic design animation programs would be such as Fireworks and Flash.

sábado, 12 de noviembre de 2011


I learned that for a job interview should be prepared for what happens, as you will ask questions of your expectations and achievements in your education because you can be surprised by a group of people instead of one at the interview.

Dress in a manner appropriate for the position and where one wants to be. Make sure that clothing is in perfect condition, nor to bring lots of jewelry or heavy makeup, everything must be simple and sophisticated.

To make a big impression at the time of the interview should be to maintain good eye contact, smile, shake hands, show enthusiasm and ask for the  work at the end of the interview. Also expected to always give you orders and do the questions, is a key point.

In interviews in restaurants or public places should be kept focused and not distracted by what might be going around and try to maintain a high voice and strong so they can hear you fine.

When questioned by more than one person is important to adapt to the conversation of the two individuals and to keep including the issue as if it were a single person who is questioning him.

For when the interview is by phone the best thing you can do is show that you have a lot of energy because the voice is what is showing as a first impression.

An important tip that we all know is that it is illegal to lie detector unless the case of a government job and is also illegal to ask things and issues that are personal and include the family.

It is always important to ask before you go if you can get the job because it is the key moment of the interview.
And is also important to not be shy when you call back if the interview call and leave a note with your name or phone the receptionist or assistant to remember and they will be safer to call you for the job .


1)How are you today?- I'm Fine, thank you and you?
2) Tell me about yourself?- Well, i was born and raised in Maracaibo-Venezuela, I attended the URBE University and received my master's degree in Graphic Design. I enjoy watching tv in my free time and learning languages and During the summers, I worked in a small company to help pay for my education.
3) What type of position are you looking for?- I would like any position for which I qualify.
4) Are you interested in a full time or part time position?- I am more interested in a full-time position. However, I would also consider a part-time position.
5)- What is your greatest strength?- I work well under pressure. When there is a deadline (a time by which the work must be finished), I can focus on the task at hand (current project) and structure my work schedule well.
6)- Why do you want to work for us?- Because i love the world and everything that it deal with celebrities and entertainment, and also i'm okay to work long hours, nights, and weekends. I think i am willing to take this job with all the responsabilities it takes.
7)-What experience do you have in this field?- Actually i don't have any experience in this field but i am willing to learn everything what it takes to be in this company and work for you.
8)- Are you applying for other jobs?- No i don't.
9)- How long would you expect to work for us if hired?- I expect to work in a very long time if you let me.
10)- When can you begin?- As soon as you would like me to begin.


Flores Claudia
Av. 12 Jardines de Altamira
Between Altamira's School and Macau Grocery.


To serve as a publicist of entertaiment Industry, and learn what are the needs of the clients and how to meet their needs in a efficent way.

Career Highlights:

(2011) A Diploma in Printing Methods.


Actually i have no exprience in the field of advertising, but i had the opportunity to work for small companies where craft are made for home, and organizing some charity events.


High School, Girasol de Giraluna.
URBE University.
English, CEVAZ.
A diploma in printing methods, URBE.


Computer skills/Photoshop, Freehand, Flash, Dreamweaver, Word, PowerPoint.
Language skills.
Handicraft skills.


Flores Claudia
Av. 12 Jardines de Altamira.
December 01, 2011

Gilbert Walker
567, All Saint's Road
London, UK

Dear Mr. Walker,
I am writing this cover letter in response to the advertisement for an associate publicist for your company. I know I will make an exceptional choice for the post. At your request, I have enclosed my resume with the letter.

Working in the field of publicity for the last five years has made me well aware of all the well known PR firms. During this span of time I have been in touch with the latest networks, contacts and media professionals. I have been working in industry research area and competitive analysis. I know exactly how to circulate information and make sure appropriate channels are given word and in timely manner. I believe I can offer this same attention to details and knowledge to your industry.

I would very glad If you could call me for an interview where I can discuss more on my background and qualifications. I can be contacted at 0412-1662936 at your convenience.

Claudia Flores

miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2011

¡¡Let's go to learn about Prefix and Sufix!!

I think that this is a fun game where you can learn about prefixs and sufix, and first of all you can practice in a fun way how to use  prefixs and sufix in different kind of words and how to give senses to them.

Also i learned how it's the best form to write this words in a correct form and maybe know the meaning of a word that actually don't knew.

Here, There is a example of  the part of the game that  it was makes more difficult to pass.

miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2011

A job for an entry level graphic designer and the Job of my dreams.

Entry level of Job.
This is the entry level job that i founded.

I think it's a good job of entry for me because they are  seeking a full time designer and motivated to join the design team.
 I have the experience needed as managing the following programs:
 • InDesign
 • Quark
 • Illustrator
 • Photoshop

  And because I offer good benefits like health insurance and  paid time off and 9 days / year

The job of my dreams.

this is the job of my dreams that i founded

This would be the job of my dreams and I have always enjoyed working in a company or advertising agency, and because it requires to have contacts and dealings with the media. Also coordinate events and schedule trips.
I think it might be good at this job because I have computer skills and communication.

I also think I am qualified to fulfill multiple tasks, and because I like to live in Los Angeles

miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2011

Article: "how to hire a publicist"

To get the most for your money when hiring a publicist, you must have a basic understanding of what reporters, editors, guest schedulers, TV assignment editors and others want--and what they consider news. Without that knowledge, you'll have to trust your publicist to make every decision for you.

If, however, you understand how reporters do their jobs, you can challenge your publicist with intelligent questions and maybe even offer a suggestion or two. And your publicist won't have to spend a lot of her time--on your nickel--educating you on simple background you can learn on your own.

Take a few weeks to immerse yourself in learning about the media. Once you can speak intelligently about things such as story pitches, media kits, news releases, follow-up stories, the local angle, profile stories and radio talk shows, it's time to go to the next step and hire a publicist.

If the very thought of talking to reporters and editors or appearing on a radio show frightens you, hire a good media coach too. A media coach will give you all the training you need to feel comfortable during print and broadcast interviews and can prepare you for what to expert during your publicity campaign.
Many publicists know who the best coaches are, so you could actually hire a publicist first. After all, there's time to get training while your publicist is creating a strategic media plan and writing your media kit. The publicist might also have ideas and angles that should be covered in training.

Don't use a publicist as a crutch or as someone who can shield you from the bulldog reporters you've heard so much about. The closer you are to your own publicity campaign and the more you understand it, the less susceptible you are to getting stuck with the Publicist from Hell. Learn more from my ebook "How to Hire the Perfect Publicist. "

I think that the article is very interesting because you may have an idea of what you have to do when you need a publicist and maybe when it is the right time to trust in him... with this article you can have an idea for what is good and what isn't of having a publicist. (: ->Clauf

1) Take(verb) a(noun) few(pronoun) weeks(noun) to(adverb) immers(transitive verb) yourself(pronoun) in(proposition) learning (verb) about(adjetive) the (definite article) media(noun).

2) If(conjunction) the (definite article)very(adjective) thought(noun) of (preposition)talking(verb) to(adverb) reporters(noun) and(conjuction) editors(noun) or(conjuction) appearing(verb) on(preposition) a(noun) radio(noun) show(noun) frightens (transitive verb) you (pronoun), hire(transitive verb) a (noun) good(adjective) media (noun) coach(noun) too.(adverb)

3) Learn(verb) more(adjective) from (conjuction) my (possessive pronominal adjective)ebook (noun) "How(adverb) to(adverb) Hire(transitive verb) the(definite article) Perfect(adjective) Publicist(noun). "

Publicist: a student of or specialist in public or international law. a person whose business is to publicize persons, organizations, etc.
Learn: to get knowledge of (a subject) or skill in (an art, trade, etc.) by study, experience, instruction, etc.
Article: An article is a piece or section that is part of a larger written work such as a magazine or a document.